Feed Back

"…The learning at D-LITE course was really helpful. I teach foundation course under the FYUP. So I can use digital literacy learnings to enhance my lectures and in turn form a new pedagogy...

Vrinda Kapur,
Janki Devi Memorial College

"…Thanks for interactive and knowledgeable session...

Anita Sikandar,
Shyam Lal College

"… Digital Learning provides/enhances confidence in teachers. It is a powerful instrument for teacher empowerment in delivering services to the learners as well as for their own continues learning. This way we can develop sustainable learning process…

Dr.Nibedita Khuntia,
Maharaja Agrasen College

"... I intend to now make more ppt presentations as they certainly have greater learning impact and also make learning plan before teaching ...

Dr. Madhu Bajaj,
Miranda House

"...I intend to prepare and delinking my lectures on productivity tools, I learnt during D-LITE and use web 2.0 in dealing with assignment task for students...

Dr. Satish Chandra Gupta,
Shyam Lal College

" ...if each college can have moodle portal, it would be convenient for us to interact with the students on one –to- one basis..."

Dr. Anuradha Gupta,
Delhi College of Arts & Commerce

" ...Powerpoint is a good tool to explain complex diagrams and circuits. The animation can make a good impact on teaching learning process. Web 2.0 tool can be thought of to be a good practice to communicate students about the lesson plan, any information about scheduled tasks and quick query addressing. I will definitely like to use moodle as learning environment if adequate infrastructure for teachers and students is possible..."

Dr. Amit Sehgal,
Hansraj College

" ... Moodle can be used as official social networking medium for exchange of information with students and other teachers of Delhi University...
It can make the teaching system more students oriented and interactive."

Dr. Gurjeet Kaur,
Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies

" ... My important learning from D-LITE is to make my college more ICT friendly...
D-LITE Advanced level should be conducted at the earliest."

Dr. Anju Jain,
Daulat Ram College