Digital Literacy for University/college Teachers of University of Delhi
The University of Delhi invites applications for the Digital Literacy for Teachers course, designed in collaboration with Edinburgh College under the UK-India education Research Initiative project –Digital Literacy and Innovation for Tomorrow’s Education (D-LITE) for University/College teachers of University of Delhi.
The Digital Literacy for Teachers course has been designed to introduce to a range of different digital tools, productivity software and digital communication methods.
The course introduces educational practitioners to the concepts and contexts of digital literacy and supports them in developing their own practice aimed at fostering the components of digital literacy in classroom subject teaching and in real university settings.
This course is suitable for teachers equipped with basic skills in using computers, who can create a learning teaching resource in Microsoft applications such as Word/ PowerPoint etc.
Candidates will require access to a range of digital tools for the Digital Literacy for Teachers course which might include computers (stand-alone, networked,  or laptops), hand-held mobile devices like mobile phones, tablets etc. Candidates should also have access to a range of productivity software like word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, audio, video and imaging, and educational software.
Digital Literacy for Teachers course overview

  • Online Basics
  • The Internet and the World Wide Web
  • Productivity Programs
  • Computer Security and Privacy
  • Digital Lifestyle
  • Social Networking
  • Using Mobile IT Devices
  • Computer Basics
  • Using the Internet
  • Audio and Video Software

Blended Learning delivery
A Blended Learning approach will be used to deliver the course, which combines and aligns learning undertaken in face to face sessions with learning opportunities created online using Webinar technology and Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle).

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